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Hi! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my site. I want to share resources, materials and tips for working with children with autism. Kids with autism are my passion.

I hope to bring you easy to implement ideas that can transform your classroom and give you tools to help your students reach their potential. Communication deficits and behavior challenges don’t have to derail your teaching and your students’ learning.

Some things about me –

I’m a wife to my best friend. We met in 7th grade, started dating in college and have been living the good life ever since.

I’m a mama to the most incredible 4 year old girl and a sweet 18 month old boy. I love bringing classroom ideas home to test out so you might see pictures of our DIY water table, outdoor painting stand and sensory boxes.  Right now, I’m home with them because I didn’t want to give up my right arm to cover day care costs.

photo of kids at zoo

I’m a Recreation Therapist. I worked at a private therapeutic school for children with severe autism as the specials teacher.  I was responsible for art, music, physical education, swimming, community trips and all things recreation and leisure. I loved the challenge of a newly referred student. I loved seeing progress every single day. I loved the look on parents’ faces when I say we’re going into the community every single week and will continue to go even though we may see meltdowns, aggression, tantruming, eloping, dropping, hoarding and refusal to transition. Practice makes perfect right!?

I’m an endurance athlete and the ‘endurance’ part is key. I’m not fast but I can go for a long time! I’ve completed marathons and long distance triathlons including an Ironman. I’m almost always at the back of the pack but I like to say I’m getting my money’s worth!

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you find something useful!

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