Autism Work Tasks Membership Course Card

​The Adapting for Autism Membership is ​open!

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​Sneak Peak:

The All-Access Membership will include EVERY resource I've created over the past several years (plus future additions).

Currently, there are nearly 200 resources which breaks down to:

  • 38 adapted books
  • 24 file folder packs - over 500 individual file folders
  • 13 task cards packs - over 2500 individual task cards
  • 28 no prep worksheets packs - over 1200 individual worksheets
  • 70 games and puzzles activities
  • Visual supports for behavior management, daily schedules, movement breaks, classroom activities, and specials.
  • and much more!

Most resources offer multiple levels to meet the varying needs of your students.  Visual supports and cues are are huge component of my resources.