I’m so glad you found me!  I had an incredible time sharing my favorite visuals with you at the Teachers Pay Teachers Chicago event!  Thank you for letting me share my passion for using visual supports.  You can find most of the printouts I mentioned here.  I truly hope these provide you with some help in your classroom.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing success stories from other teachers and therapists!

Everything I showed you available in my TpT store


Some of the individual resources I showed



Other helpful resources I mentioned:
  • Clipart/Graphics: Boardmaker, Smarty Symbols or Google Images
  • Docu-Pockets – I seriously cannot rave about these enough!  Laminate does NOT come clean after several uses.  Especially after the slightest wrinkle.  These return to crystal clear even after years of use!
  • Vinyl Envelopes – don’t waste laminate, but make your icons durable!
    • 2.5 inch square for individual icons – great for last minute icon needs
    • 2 inch by 8 inch bookmark sleeves for mini task strips/task analysis – especially for one time tasks
  • Kitchen timer that counts up and down – the Dollar Tree ones just don’t hold up.  Nor do they count up.
  • “Behavior bags” – old conference bags, drawstring backpacks etc
  • Lanyard, zippy clip, carabiner
My Fidgets

A few people asked where I got the giant pipe cleaners and my answer of Home Goods is not helpful since their inventory is always so random!  They are called Brain Noodles.  Another teacher said she found them at Michaels.  I also found this teacher pack on Amazon:

Places you can find me:

It was lovely meeting you!  Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you make your classroom more successful!