Autism visual support: I want sentence starter | Adapting for Autism

Can you say “that’s me!” to any of these statements?

  • I have a student who is fully capable of verbally requesting but the words seem to get stuck on the tip of his tongue.
  • I know I should wait for my student to “use her words” before just giving her what I know she wants.  But I also don’t want the moment to spiral out of control with problem behaviors.
  • I have a student who is using one word requests, but we’re working on “making it big.”
  • I have a student who is becoming prompt dependent.  I need a way to reduce verbal prompting.

If so, sentence starters can help!

These sentence starters can:

  • increase communication
  • reduce problem behaviors
  • decrease prompt dependence
Autism visual supports: sentence starters communication tool | Adapting for Autism

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Autism visual support: Sentence starters strips | Adapting for Autism