The short version

I’m running the 2020 Chicago Marathon in support of the Organization for Autism Research and a donation can earn you free resources from my store.

The long version

I’m a runner. Not one of those fast runners. Not one of those gazelle-looking runners. But a runner nonetheless.

My talent is that I can run for a long time. Again, not fast. But endurance is something I’ve got. I like to say I’m getting my money’s worth as I spend a long time on the race course!

Why running?

I started running while doing a college internship and came home hooked. I worked my way up to the marathon distance and then popped into the world of triathlon for a while even completing Ironman Wisconsin.

But I always come back to running. Running is my self-care. I’m simply a better person when I run.

So now what?

I’ve always admired those racing for a reason. In honor or memory of someone else. Or for a cause they believe in. But I always just signed up and ran on my own.

This year, I decided to change that. I’ll be running the 2020 Chicago Marathon in support of the amazing Organization for Autism Research.

OAR – Run for Autism

I have been familiar with OAR for years but before committing to racing, I wanted to do my due diligence.

OAR earns a fabulous score on Charity Navigator (94.75/100). They are ranked so highly based on factors like transparency and how well they spend their money.

In 2017, OAR spent 87% of their funds on research and direct services to families. This is a really important point for me. I want my money to directly impact people with autism and their families. Here are just a few examples of where the money is spent:

  • Scholarships to 356 persons with autism attending college or vocational-technical schools after high school
  • Resources for classroom teachers
  • Resources for siblings and parents
  • Developed a program called Hire Autism to help adults gain employment

I also wanted to know what type of research this organization is supporting. I’m so pleased to share that they provide grants and support research that DIRECTLY affects people with autism. There is a focus on research that can be applied in classrooms and homes to support learning.

Practitioners can actually take the results of these studies and use them in their day to day work. Sounds great right!?

What’s in it for you?

As a thank you for your donation, I will match your donation with free products from my store (no minimum!). After you donate, email me at adaptingforautism @ and I will set up a coupon for free resources in my store Autism Work Tasks.