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Spring Work Task Activities

Are you looking for some spring work task activities to use in your autism classroom? The 4 spring activities below are the perfect mix of fine motor skills and independence. You can use them for morning work, independent work stations, centers, small groups or even homework. The thing that I love most is that these tasks are all able to be differentiated for students. Check out these 4 spring work task activities below.

1. Fine Motor Activities for Spring and Task Cards

In this fine motor activities pack, students work on cutting, tracing, coloring and the pincher grasp using clothespins for the clip cards. Simply print out all the cards and laminate all except for the cutting practice.

I like to save the cutting practice cards for independent work or small groups if they need help with cutting. Another idea for the cutting cards is to have your OT push into your classroom at this time for services and make that their center station to help with.

Each of these fine motor activities can work as its own independent work station or center activity. There are 11 2D shapes clip cards, 11 counting clip cards, 11 color matching clip cards, 7 tracing, 4 cut and stop and 11 counting manipulatives cards.


Spring Fine Motor Activities

2. Math Cut and Paste Worksheets for Spring

Do your students get bored with regular pencil paper worksheets? I like to use cut and paste worksheets sometimes to switch things up. In spring, we focused on concepts such as big and small, empty or full, patterning, graphing and counting.

In the Spring Math Cut and Paste Worksheets, you can cover 10 different skills and there are 2 levels of differentiation for each. The best part about these is that there is actually no prep at all. Once you print, they are ready to go for the week!

For level 1, students practice the math skill using the visual cues provided for the steps they need to do (this helps so much with independence!). For level 2, you can take the extra visual cues away when they are ready.


Spring Math Cut & Paste


3. Write, Cut and Paste for Spring

Do you feel like figuring out writing activities for all of your different student needs is difficult at times? This is where the Spring Write, Cut & Paste Activities save you a ton of time. There are 4 different levels of writing for this activity: tracing, matching pictures, writing in boxes and writing on lines.

This makes it easy to print what you need and separate between student’s writing folders for the day. It also makes it extremely easy to move students along to the next writing level when they are ready.

Looking for more write, cut and paste activities? LOOK HERE!


Write, Cut & Paste for Spring

4. Errorless File Folders for Spring

If you have been around here long, you might know about my true love for file folders. I honestly just really enjoy making them! So much so that I used them daily in my classroom. I even have three simple tips you should check out for using file folder activities in your special education classroom.

Errorless file folders are one of my favorite kind to make. Errorless work tasks have so many benefits for students. At first, I thought errorless work tasks were mindless busy work. But I quickly learned they are SO MUCH MORE and super beneficial!

They help promote confidence and independence in students. Errorless File Folders for Spring include 10 spring themed tasks to help your students learn the skill of matching.

Spring Errorless File Folders

If you enjoy using file folders also, check out my Monthly File Folders Subscription. These are perfect for rotating through your independent work stations!

What other types of work tasks would you like to have for your classroom?

4 Spring Work Task Activities for your Autism Classroom
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