two errorless winter themed file folders and basic concepts task cards with text 5 fun winter classroom activities for special ed

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Fun Winter Classroom Activities for Special Education

Winter is a fun time of year for some snow and winter themed activities in your classroom. I always loved using themed units in my autism classroom because it made planning easier for me (and more fun for my students!) Are you looking for some simple winter activities for your special education classroom, autism class or even preschoolers? Check out these 5 fun winter classroom activities below!

fun winter classroom activities - winter themed fine motor task cards

5 Fun Winter Classroom Activities:

1. Winter Basic Concepts File Folders

These winter themed basic concepts file folder activities cover 10 different basic skills that your special education students should be practicing every day! There are 2 levels of differentiation: Level 1 has a word and visual cue while level 2 only has the word. These are great because once they are prepped and ready to go, then they are easy to pull out every winter! Check out 3 tips for using file folder activities in your special education classroom!

Basic Concepts included:

  • Colors
  • Numbers to 10
  • Shapes
  • Same or Different
  • Big or Small
  • In or Out
  • On or Under
  • In front or Behind
  • Right or Left
  • None, some or many
winter themed basic concepts file folder activity matching in and out
winter basic concepts file folders

2. Errorless Winter File Folders

The beauty of errorless learning is that there is no wrong answer! Have you ever tried errorless learning activities in your classroom? I specifically like these errorless winter file folders because they target skills such as left to right, the pincer grasp and one to one correspondence. There are 10 winter file folders total and the labels are included so you can keep the folders organized.

I love to use these errorless tasks during centers, for independent work or even morning work. Students build their confidence and independent stamina when working on errorless learning activities!

errorless winter file folders for winter fun

3. Winter Basic Concepts Task Cards

Task cards were always a hit in my classroom. These Winter Task Cards focus on many different basic concepts including colors, numbers to 10, big or small, shapes, in or out and more! There are 200 task cards total with 2 different levels of differentiation and 10 task cards per level. Level 1 focuses on multiple choice while level 2 is an expressive complete the sentence.

There are 3 levels of student response sheets which made it easy to meet the needs of all of the learners in my classroom: circle, trace or write the word. In addition, there are data tracking sheets to help track data for IEP goals. These differentiated winter themed task cards are perfect for task boxes, independent work stations, direct instruction, morning work and warm-ups!

winter basic concepts task cards
special education task cards with winter images. clothespins selecting in or out, same or different and big or small

4. Winter Write Cut and Paste Worksheets

If you need some fun winter worksheets to use in small groups or for independent work with students, using write, cut and paste worksheets is always nice! Students enjoy the cutting and gluing of the pictures so it’s not a “typical worksheet.” I especially like these worksheets because they have so many skills hidden in them. Students will get practice on fine motor, matching pictures and words plus winter nouns and verbs. There are 4 levels of differentiation for these.

winter write cut and paste worksheets

5. Winter Fine Motor Activities & Task Cards

Fine motor practice is so much fun for students when you use these! I used them in my center rotations in my classroom. They are perfect for practicing cutting, tracing and clipping! They also work on cutting and color matching using all winter themed cards!

winter fine motor activities and task cards
winter themed fine motor task cards - tracing, cut and clip cards for counting

What kinds of fun winter classroom activities do you do with your elementary students?

5 Fun Winter Classroom Activities
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