Autism work tasks - alphabet file folders

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I recently created a set of alphabet file folders to add to my ever growing collection and I think my students are going to love them!  File folder tasks and autism classrooms are like two peas in a pod.  I think every special educator has place in their heart for file folder activities.  They’re easy to prep, set-up is a breeze, they are flat for storage and their predictable format increases student success.  A teacher’s dream!

Begining sounds file folder activities for special education - Adapting for Autism

These file folders are great to work on letter identification and recognition, beginning sounds and vocabulary.  With four levels of difficulty, you can reach every student in your class while doing the ‘same’ activity.

These can also become independent work tasks (after they are mastered during 1:1 instruction).  While I created them for a special education class, the multiple levels and repetition make them ideal for pre-k, kindergarten and ELLs.  My 3 year old likes playing the identical matching one.

Level one is errorless.  Students cannot make a mistake as long as they move the picture from the left to right.  This is great for students just learning to do file folder tasks and unable to match identical pictures.

Beginning sounds file folder activities for special education - Errorless learning | Adapting for Autism

Level two is identical matching.  Students match the picture and word card to the picture and word on the right side.  This is a great level for those past level 1 but unable to read the words.

Beginning sounds file folder activities for special education - identical match | Adapting for Autism

Level 3a is matching the picture to the word.  The cards have the picture and students match it to the word on the right side.

Beginning sounds file folder activities for special education - Picture to word match | Adapting for Autism

Level 3b is similar but the cards have the words and students match to the stationary picture.

Beginning sounds file folder activities for special education - Word to picture match | Adapting for Autism

I am the first to admit that 26 letters across 4 levels is daunting to prep.  But file folder tasks are timeless and worth the effort up front!  Use your spouse, family, paraprofessionals or parent volunteers to your advantage.  I’ve spent many a nights on the couch cutting laminate while my husband cuts Velcro.  Alternatively, if you’re doing a letter of the week curriculum, you only need to get 4 ready at a time.  You can spread the work out over 26 weeks!

The packet includes all four levels for A-Z, file folder labels and instructions.  You bring the file folders, laminator and Velcro!

Alphabet File Folder Activities