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As summer approaches, it’s time to gear up for the Extended School Year (ESY) and ensure our students in special education have an engaging and productive summer learning experience. That’s why I’m excited to share with you four incredible resources for teaching ESY. Get ready for a summer filled with fun, growth, and success!

What are Extended School Year Services?

Extended School Year services, also known as ESY, are basically special education and related services that are provided to a student with a disability beyond the regular school year. Whether or not a student receives ESY services will be laid out in his or her IEP and is dependent on if the student is making progress on his or her IEP goals during the regular school year. If the student shows strong regression on IEP goals over longer breaks, they would typically be a good candidate for Extended School Year services. This is an IEP team decision and during ESY, certain IEP goals will continue to be worked on, until the goals are met.

Summer Resources for Teaching ESY

Are you looking for resources to make your Extended School Year (ESY) teaching experience a breeze? Check out these four amazing summer resources designed with engagement, differentiation and time-saving in mind. Get ready to have a blast while effectively supporting your students with autism.

1. Summer Basic Concepts File Folder Activities

Are you looking for a resource that combines learning with summer-themed excitement? These Summer Basic Concepts File Folder Activities are designed to engage and captivate your students. Check out these tips for using file folders in your classroom to help you with your planning. Designed to engage and captivate students with autism, these activities offer a wide range of interactive adventures. As students dive into the vibrant visuals and hands-on tasks, they will have the opportunity to explore and grasp different types of basic concepts. From matching different flavors of ice cream to identifying common objects found at the beach, these activities not only reinforce core concepts but also keep the summer spirit alive and fun in the classroom. By incorporating engaging elements and meaningful content, students will be motivated to actively participate, learn and have a blast throughout ESY.


summer basic concepts and file folder resources for teaching ESY

2. Errorless Summer File Folder Activities

Inclusive and differentiated instruction made easy! These resources have been carefully designed to cater to students with varying abilities, providing a positive and supportive learning experience for everyone. By offering errorless tasks, these activities allow students to practice important skills without fear of making mistakes. This approach fosters a sense of success and builds confidence, creating a conducive learning environment. With these errorless learning activities, students can count seashells, complete patterns with suns and surfboards and engage in independent learning. By providing opportunities for every student to participate and experience growth, these resources will help you meet the unique needs of your students during the Extended School Year program.


Errorless Summer File Folder Activities

3. Summer Basic Skills File Folder Activities

During the busy ESY session, time-saving resources are a true blessing for educators. Summer Basic Skills File Folder Activities have been developed with efficiency in mind, offering ready-to-use materials that streamline the planning process. With these activities, you can focus on delivering impactful instruction while ensuring your students reinforce essential skills in a summer-themed context. Whether it’s matching, sorting, or categorizing, these activities target core skills in an engaging and meaningful way. You must simply print and assemble and you will be able to use these file folder activities for years to come. These time-saving resources are meant to provide you with the flexibility to allocate your time and energy where it matters most – supporting students’ growth and success.


Summer basic skills file folder resources for ESY

4. Summer Adapted Book: Prepositions

Take your students on an interactive summer adventure with the Summer Adapted Book focused on prepositions. This resource offers an immersive learning experience through colorful illustrations and engaging text. As students flip through the book, they will encounter various summer scenarios that allow them to explore and understand the concept of prepositions. From identifying objects “under” beach umbrellas to finding items “next to” sandcastles, students will connect language skills with real-life examples. This hands-on approach enhances comprehension and language development, making learning both enjoyable and meaningful. By incorporating this adapted book into your ESY curriculum, you can provide a unique and enriching learning experience for your students, helping them grasp the concept of prepositions while embracing the summer spirit.


Summer Adapted Book for Prepositions

Embrace the summer season while ensuring your ESY students thrive with these engaging, differentiated and time-saving resources. Click on the links above and let the learning adventure begin! Trust me, your students will will thank you for an unforgettable and impactful summer journey.

Wishing you a summer filled with sun, smiles and successful teaching!

4 Engaging Resources for Teaching ESY
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